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The Uncle Moldy Show: Links

Musician Friends

Orangeseed Parade
The Rhythm Cats
Frank and Sharon Garcia and Company
Twenty Ripped Angel
The Drowning Season
Friends from way back in OSP days...they've been going strong for a long time and continue to kick ass...they have excellent material...well worth checking out!
Red Die Number Nine
WOW!!! Used to love these guys back in the day, played on a few bills with them in Orangeseed Parade, now it looks like something is happening! What, I am not sure; stay tuned!

Other Friends and Interests

Gregory Mank
Greg Mank is one of Mike's acting friends and has written many interesting books about Hollywood! Well worth checking out!
Imaginator Press
Young adult fantasy and science fiction for insatiable minds and curious souls
Nick Ruth
Nick Ruth is the author of The Remin Chronicles, a fantasy series for ages 9-12. Check out his work here!
The Dustin Bauer Memorial Schaloarship Fund
A very worthy cause in memory of a remarkable young man created by his wonderful family.
Baltimore Actor's Theatre- Oregon Ridge Dinner Theater
A great place for dinner and a show- great local talent- well worth the trip
Lee Doll Productions- Home of Louanna Lee and The Fixer
Suitable for the entire family and filmed locally- come rock and solve mysteries with Louanna Lee and fight crime with The Fixer!
Baltimore Art and Music Project
Positive Programs for Today's Youth
Todd Brizzi .com
A local artist who does great graphic artwork for t-shirt designs, concert posters, and other things.
Invisible Sound Studios
A great recording facility located in east Baltimore. It is a great facility where lots of top bands in the area record.

Fun and Interesting Things

Our MY SPACE Page!!!
Check us out on myspace!!! Add us to your friends list!! We will be eternally grateful....
Sexy People!!!
Plenty of blackmail pictures!!
Ernie's House of Whoopass!
Sean and Frank- WCBM
Fat Chicks in Party Hats
What a classic!!!
The Eyeballing Game
Online Reaction Test
Sad Facts of Life
Sad, but true!!
Apple Shooter
Can you shoot an apple off of someone's head?? Don't miss!!
2001 A Space Odyssey- Explained
For those who don't get it
Polock Johnny's
The Best Polish Sausage ever!!!
I used to love this cartoon!
Comic Strip Fan
Remember reading the funnys?
Hipster Hitler
Brain Teasers
Famous Oblects from Classic Movies
How observant are you? Do you remember where these objects came from?
Fly Guitars
Great website, especially if you like Gibsons!
Sad Trombone
The World's Biggest Pac Man Game
You could play this for days!
Sporcle- Online Quizzes
Trivia about everything you can imagine!
Hot Chicks with Douchebags
Hilarious, great observational humor...
Awkward Family Photos
We all have them...
People of Walmart
We've all seen them
A Bad Case of the Dates
Dates that inspire songs like "36 and Dating Again"
True Colors Hair Salon
Want great hair? Come to True Colors Hair Salon in Sykesville!!! 707 Sandosky Road Sykesville, Maryland 21784 Phone: (410) 795 - 3386
Open Mics
Looking for an open mic to play at??? Here they are!!
Ever wonder if the crazy stories you get in your e-mail are true or not??? Check this site out, they are experts on debunking urban legends.
Bands of the Pacific Northwest
Some pretty cool band pictures on here, especially from the 70's!
Fat Pie
Interesting and disturbing cartoons by David Firth...home of Salad Fingers!!
Seinfeld Episode Guide
Listing of all episodes of Seinfeld.